LXQt brightness adjustment suggestions


LXQt is in my view ideally suited for the Pinebook and other SBC.

However a small niggle that I had is that for the Pinebook and other SBC there is no easy way to change display brightness in LXQt.
So now I have two ideas that solve it mostly in my view.

  1. You can add the brightness config programme to the quicklauncher.
    Usually you would expect some brightness setting in the system tray at the end of the task bar, but apart from that the brightness adjustment works nicely from the quicklauncher.
    You can add it like other programms. Open the file manager, move to folder /usr/share/applications and drag and drop the brightness icon to the quick launcher.

  2. Once you see the brightness setting as individual programme rather than part of the config, you can also define a keyboard shortcut.
    Open the LXQt settings -> Shortcut keys, add a new entry, press the Shortcut button to define a keyboard shortcut of your choice (mine is Shift-Super-b), add a description and then add the command lxqt-config-brightness.
    Now if you want to adjust the brightness press your keyboard shortcut and adjust the brightness with arrow-left and arrow-right. Esc closes the brightness setting.

So that's is, works for me.

Interesting solution. Glad it works for you. Some quick setting for brightness should probably be available for the pinebook however, that's is all I can think of that should have it.

Alot of people use these boards on different hardware so there is a chance that whatever we include to work the backlight, might not work, work incorrectly, or cause other issues depending on hardware. For example. An odroid-c2 that I use as an HTPC attached to my TV would not benefit from a brightness adjuster. A Raspi that I have connected to a 7" touchscreen has all sorts of wonkyness with software controlled backlight. The driver board for the screen has buttons and they work great as a hardware solution. A better solution is to let the user decide how they need to control their hardware

Your solution works for you and that's awesome, that's the idea of Linux. We probably do need to put something in there for the pinebook so thanks for letting us know.

Also, I haven't tried on an SBC but, xbacklight has some simple commands that are easily abled to map to shortcuts. You should try it. May be more intuitive.

My solution is mostly aimed at the Pinebook.
To be honest I have not even thought about solutions like the 7" display for the Raspberry Pi and have no idea if that is supported by LXQt.

There are also more options to change the brightness that everyone can try.

  1. As you have mentioned xbacklight can be installed, however it did not work for me with the Pinebook using Manjaro.

  2. As the LXQt devs also noticed the trouble with brightness LXQt comes with it's own command line tool lxqt-backlight_backend. However it needs root rights and so you need to use it together with pkexec. The full command is then:
    pkexec lxqt-backlight_backend etc...
    It works well from the command line, however I have not managed to make it work if assigned to a shortkey.

As both of these options did not work well for me I came up with my idea above to (mis)use the lxqt-config-brightness gui tool with the keyboard... works for me