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LxQt stable ISO (update)

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full edition:

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direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

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Typing from your livecd lxqt minimal edition.
Fast!! Blazingly fast!

I’ve used/tested many distros , DE’s and this one just explodes out.
Great job. Thanks.

The most lightweight Manjaro version

A quick question, if I were to install LxQt from Manjaro Architect, will I get the same thing as what is already posted here?


tusend takk :wink:

vielen dank für die mühe und das ergebnis.
und ich glaube einige lxqt enthusiasten sehen das genau so wie ich. :wink:

eine kurze frage dazu.

was ist der unterschied zwischen minimal und full ?

danke und beste grüße

und schönes wochenende


Eine kurze Erklärung über voll und minimal wäre:

  • voll, alle zusätzlichen Anwendungen sind installiert
  • Minimal müssen Sie zusätzliche Anwendungen installieren :sweat_smile:


Wow…this looks much better than the beta from last month. Nice work.

The “lock screen” button gives an error.



From Falkon on an installed minimal one in VM:
I’m not a Qt fan generally, but it works fast & well (225 of RAM used once arrived on the desktop :slight_smile:) -> just time & keyboard layout widgets that overlap a bit…
I like the minimal software offer, but what does openbox do in all that & especially in the session manager ?


lxqt does not have it’s own window manager. Openbox is the WM being used.


OK, but it’s a little disturbing this input (which doesn’t seem to work ?) in the manager…


When you install the openbox package it adds a session for itself as you can use it standalone.

It probably is working it is just unconfigured. Vanilla openbox is straight window manager. If you right click you should get a menu. That is what openbox looks like without a DE. Of course, it can be configured to be quite nice. Take a look at the openbox edition of manjaro for an example.


I know it & spended a lot of time in rc.xml (by memory) before my Enlightenment :wink:
Another question:
No graphic package manager for beginners ? I added octopi & it looks/works like a fish in water, i searched a reconcilable clipboard manager with & authentication window is really complete for a frontend one…! :wink: :


The lock screen doesn’t work because xscreensaver isn’t installed


The idea of installing things like octopi in LXQT is anathema to its concept.
You use Enlightenment. Do you install octopi there?

Fluxbox and Enlightenment are derived from the same source as Openbox (and Lumina is derived from fluxbox). That’s why they are so fast (and small).

Fluxbox and Enlightenment adds certain configuration tools so we do not need to muck with rc.xml or menu.xml. Indeed openbox too have certain tools (like oblogxx, obconfig, ??? and ???) to make it easier too. Most distros including Manjaro has all these in their Openbox editions. We don’t need to have these if we don’t want to. And you want to add Octopi? :slightly_smiling_face:

But… entirely up to you.

ps: Mucking with Enlightenment configuration is more difficult (and difficult to find) than mucking with rc.xml and menu.xml. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And sometimes impossible that is possible with rc.xml and menu.xml.


I forgot it - I will add this - I actually did but since this is build from the v17 profile - it slipped - again.

If you downloaded the minimal - then no package manager

If you dowload the full ISO you get octopi.


Yep, I was using it before (almost same QT dependancies needed than for manja-settings-manager) & now it’s pamac who took over & neither of them can slow down/weigh E…
Because even if I have a dozen short aliases dedicated to “pacmanize” everything that moves in terminology, clicking tapping everywhere like a beginner in a frontend for the same result, it’s not so bad too ! :wink:

Yep, but by decompiling/recompiling Elementary’s theme *.edj you can do pretty much what you want (but not for beginners in this case & one dEviates a bit from the OP ! ). :slight_smile:


In the desktop setting - you can find an option for showing window manager menu.

It is unconfigured but for both LxDE and LxQt, I have been playing with the idea of adding the openbox scripts and configure the menu :slight_smile:


So, i still play a bit with this nice mimimal one:
Find/install clipit & it works, but where added the *.desktop or anything else to have it in the upper right corner at boot (don’t remember ? -> Old age is a shipwreck, especially/first for memory, pfuuu…!)


pcmanfm-qt is used as file-manager.

it also manages the desktop

right click the desktop and in the settings you will find the options to show desktop icons.


Hopefully As the list of packages is the same you will get the same result :slight_smile: depending whether you choose the minimal or the full set.


Hopefully”, that’s the imperative word.
But why should (another ‘imperative’ word) one do this to get the same result?
But I don’t think it would.