[LxDE] ISO rebuild (update)



LxDE stable ISO (update)

Download from OSDN

full edition:

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent


direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent


I’ve been running Manjaro 4.14.65 x86_64 GNU on a Dell Latitude D630 with no issues for about a year now. As long as my battery holds up I have no reason to change my daily driver, kudo’s to all you developers :slight_smile:



If you like like (as me) light & nervous distro that start, run & stop like a plane, try this one !
Two minor things so far (in VM); gksu depreciated (PCManFM as root) & a strange terminal font
Otherwise, f…g great job ! :small_airplane:

Ps: Firefox a bit homemade OOTB would be not bad too :wink:


You are right - which is why gksu is a symlink to gksu-polkit :slight_smile:

That makes everything work as before :slight_smile:



Congratulations, the latest stable build is a fine piece of work. Thanks a lot. Very stable.
I like Gnome and LXDE both, though it sounds a little bit strange. Gnome is very innovative, and LXDE is very functional, traditional of course, and a nice way to make low end hardware or older machines flying again.
I have tested the LXQT spin as well. In my point of view the LXDE version is more intuitive, but that is just my point of view.



ISO images are brokem, lightdm not start and boot stops after it, tried few times.

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