LXD can't start containers - need /etc/subuid entry?

I have installed LSD from the main repositories but can not start containers.

On my related Topic on the LXD forum (*) I got the advise to

“… configure /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid to allow the uid/gid range for LXD containers.”

now, this is the first time ever heard about those and they actually do not exist on my system.

there is not much to find about them in the manjaro forum (*) and I am not aware of how to go about this.

Can I just create those files and try to figure out the syntax of the entries required, or is there more to it?

(*) sorry, not allowed to post links here yet apparently

looks like you can create such with a usermod command similar to

# usermod --add-subuids 165536-169631 --add-subgids 165536-169631 podman

(from a wiki entry on the Arch Wiki on podman)

thanks for the explainer. I am well versed with Disourse from other communities and would have marked a solution if it where one. the post you mention is nothing more then a pointer on how a soultion may be found. the reference command does not even target at LXD, so I would say marking the as a soluotion would be even more misleading.

As soon I know how it works, I’ll finalize this Topic.

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