(LX)Qt is greater

FYI LXQt 0.14.0 Released !

Cant wait to have it in manjaro .



I’ll play with it in the next days, other times didn’t last too much

using it now just installed all lxqt 0.14.0 packages from arch community-testing repo

I’m now using it on Lubuntu. I did have LXQT installed using manjaro architect. I failed to keep it updated. I really enjoyed manjaro LXQT. I might re-create it again.

edit: Lubuntu LXQT info

LXQt About Version 0.14.0
LXQt Version 0.14.0
Qt 5.11.3

I might give LXQt another look with Lubuntu Live ISO and see how it’s come along. Last time I tried LXQt was with a very early build installed from Fedora network ISO so of course what you could do was pretty limited. My first laptop ran Mint 9 LXDE instead of Windows XP so I’ll always have an interest in where it’s headed.

EDIT - I see it has come on massively, even just running in Live ISO it’s clear how slick and polished LXQt has become in a relatively small amount of time. Kudos to the developers!

One thing I did observe, the 18.10 ISO footprint has grown around 400MB over the LXDE one for 18.04 LTS. I tried both just to refresh my memory and view LXQt subjectively. I guess that’s partly the Qt framework and GTK widgets required for compatibility with GTK applications now but it is so much better for the Qt framework. Memory usage with compton enabled and rendering with OpenGL was 452MiB.

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I have installed Lubuntu with lxqt in my parents PC. Performing really well.

On 19.04 mine is running 264MB

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Wow, they must have optimised the code then that’s an impressive footprint

to continue with my "ethnic" cleaning, i tryed removing kf5 too

too bad manjaro-settings / lxqt-config depends on them

i think i will have to make an LFS style spin for an lx(qt) system ...

Well its easy to create pure qt lxqt without any gtk or kde deps
I had done it.

But as I like kwin so I have not gone further and published an iso.

I ll give it a try sonner or later (the manjaro spin approach)
but, you agree with me that that manjaro-setting.../lxqt-config will have to be recompiled without those dependecies ... and then again, is it possible ?

Why so you need the settings package??
You can install lxqt without manjaro settings package

yes, but lxqt-config does need kf5 :frowning:

It only needs libkscreen.
Without it.it won't work

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