LUKS seem to have problems with complex passwords or char sets

I installed manjaro now ~5 times in different ways. My impression is, manjaro does have an problem either with luks ecryption and

  1. to long / complex luks passwords
  2. language char set

(Note: All in all a good installer, compared with other linux distros, witch give good hints to prevent install falues. thanks for that)

All in all, I installed (gnome version ) by replacing a given partition, with encryption version set.

  • installer fails without error, if I tried to replace a given manjaro partition from previous install, if I chose another password then before
  • every startup of the system failed, because partition could not be encrypted. (Password is same, then on other LUKS Linux partitions on that system)
  • Encryption passphrase promt does not show the selected keyboard layout (startup of fedora does, for example)
  • password has been set with german keyboard layout in the manjaro installer.
  • password has been set currectly every time. I tried it, by manually mounting partition from within another system
  • I also choosed an password, witch was long but simple, to prevent keyboard layout mistakes. you can try it by setting 00000000011111111122222222 as luks password
  • afterwards I had choose a simple 6 char password and viola, finally I wrote from that fresh manjaro installation now.
    I hope, that may help you to find the underlying error.

Thank you so much!

Password length is hardly an issue for LUKS.

crypsetup --help

Default compiled-in key and passphrase parameters:
	Maximum keyfile size: 8192kB, Maximum interactive passphrase length 512 (characters)

But you could certainly face an issue with non-english keyboard layouts. Because that early in the boot process the keyboard layout is most likely english. The Manjaro settings are kicking in later.


yeah, afaik the decryption in grub is always using EN layout, you’ll have to keep that in mind during installation

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thank you @mbod @Termy . that does not explain my example with the numbers above. that are nigther enough characters as discribed in the man page, nor an problem of german keyboard layout.
the root cause here must be another, or am I wrong?
also I think my default password uses chars, which should be identical on both keyboard layouts.

Ok. I tried another login with default installer settings. Note: Keyboard layout will automaticly be changed by installer during launch. (maybe depending on geo location).

The Installer really needs a hint, that if you choose disk encryption, the password MUST be set with english keyboard layout.

The rest of the given problem was my fault and I really apologize for that.
Thanks again for your help!

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