Luke Smith "the chad" made a Manjaro recommendation for new users.

New to Linux? Yeah, just use Manjaro...


Me feeling blessed at the location Manjaro Forum

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From the video description:

Instead of just telling people "not to distro hop" and to figure it out for themselves, sometimes it's better just to tell them what to do. Just use Manjaro XFCE ( When I install Linux on a normie's computer, I've always chosen Manjaro for them and that always works best.

It's an easy to use distro, which has most all of the advantages of Arch Linux, including AUR access, rolling release for muh gaymes for gamers and if you git gud you can also play around with desktop environments and window managers easily.

Indeed, Mr. Smith is a man of wisdom.


Get ready everyone, a new wave of newbies coming. :thinking:


Which is cool right? :wink: You know, new blood and all that! :slightly_smiling_face:


When ever Manjaro gets a new wave of new users the search button seems to break. :roll_eyes:


I just downloaded .exe it wont install! On youtube they say Linux is user friendly!


That's probably not completely untrue, alas, but some beginners on Manjaro are real beginners and they have to start some place right?

For the others, i.e. the lazy-bones, well, yep it's a pain for the Old Hands in the knowing full well that they'll go elsewhere sharpish as soon as the going gets tough for them.

It's not always time wasted IMO, however, helping the newbies from time to time. In my case, due to some willing hands, when first coming aboard for a look-see; I'm still around learning slowly(real slow) but surely after trying out other distros as well in the meantime - which I still do - ; and it's been three years now!

So, if I'm still around then others are too I should imagine. It's a sign of Manjaro's innate qualities as a distro, firstly, and, secondly; as a real community which I feel is pretty open-armed towards newbies.


I have no problem with newbies. In the big picture, I'm a newbie, too.

I rejoice in seeing neophytes with genuine desire to learn. Some of them are, someday, going to be very useful to the rest of us, for it is always beneficial to spend time in the company of intelligent nerds with common interests.

I don't even mind the stupid and/or lazy newbies, especially if it is entertaining to make fun of them. Some of the best laughs are had at their expense.


Laughs. That's showbiz for ya! :rofl:

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He got it right. XFCE! ... KDE was bad new user experience :sweat_smile:

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KDE "a bad new user experience" not for all concerned :wink:

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Folks, I have been a ubuntu user for a long time recently switch to manjaro couple months back, I am an xfce fan and so far no issues working in k8s and code.

Reason I switched is the new 5.6, battery life is substantial from the older 4.1 on ubuntu lts.

Velkome aboard, xfce is a good choice. Very stable, I think you will have a great time. :slight_smile:

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