LUCKYBACKUP in the Manjaro repository.

I need the Backup Software "Luckybackup" in the official Manjaro repository. Unfortunately it is only in the AUR repository. Is my dream in the future possible ? Thank you all.

Is there a reason you can't install from AUR?

Quote from project page

Unfortunately the development of luckybackup is almost frozen.
I will not stop supporting this project but please have in mind that this will affect future fixes of known bugs as well as the implementation of new features.

Aur maintainer want to step back too



Thank you for the fast response. cool. Then I stay with grsync. Thank you

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If my quick check on it is correct, it is quite similar to timeshift, which is already in the repos. Given that and that it is available in the AUR and what @masterfix already mentioned, I doubt that somebody will want to maintain it.

See also:

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Backintime is a more modern replacement for luckybakup. Unfortunately it's also in AUR and only -git version supports QT5

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