LTS KERNEL 5.15.....After upgrading, manjaro changed the LTS Kernel 5.15 to 5.19.7

After upgrading, manjaro changed the LTS Kernel 5.15 to 5.19.7.
I haven’t had any issues so far, but isn’t manjaro supposed to stay on LTS after an upgrade?
Is a LTS Kernel better?
By the way minor issues hacǘe appeared. random freezing and the monitor flickers from time to time…I had the same problem with ubuntu but it was much stronger…
how can I perform a downgrade?
Thank you Very Much

Use the Manjaro Settings Manager, click on Kernel. A window will open up and allow you to install/remove kernels. They are nicely marked, but remember that you cant uninstall the running kernel. IMHO, unless you need specific hardware support for newer hardware, stick to the LTS kernel. But it is a good idea to have two kernels installed, so keep the LTS, uninstall newer kernels and install an older one as a backup.

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The LTS Kernel appears as installed but not used. The other Kernel appears as used and installed. Do I have to reinstall the LTS Kernel so that it’s used?

The newest kernel is booted first unless you go into the advanced section in grub and select an older one. Boot into 5.15, remove the newer kernel, and install an older one as a backup in case of a bad upgrade.

You find good info at:

Manjaro will not install a new kernel on its own, only if you install it yourself.
As @Jim.B said, by default, Manjaro boots on the latest kernel installed. You can still manually boot on earlier kernels from the Grub menu, or configure Grub to boot on either a selected kernel or the last booted one: GRUB/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

Thank You… How do I get to the advanced section in grub? I honestly don’t know how to do that.

Where is the Grub menu?

When you boot your computer you should see a way to select what to boot into. If your not seeing it, there is a way to make it show. With older machines tap the shift key when starting the computer. Modern machines with eufi tap the esc key during boot.

Thank You Very Much!! I could figure out how to get into the grub menu after booting… don’t ask me how but I manged to change the Kernel from there… Thank You!!!

That will let you select the kernel, and once in the OS add/delete kernels other than the one your booting into. If you would like to see the grub menu all the time without tapping keys follow this post.

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I installed Kernel 5.15 and 5.10. Kernel 5.10 works but doesn´t have a network manager, so I had to go back to 5.15. Kernel 5.15 has some freezing issues.

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