Low resolution on projector

Hi, I've got a Lenovo X250 with Manjaro i3 with 4.4.210-1-MANJARO kernel. At home, I use a docking station and my laptop is FHD, and my only external monitor too. Everything is fine.

At school, I used a videoprojector with FHD capabilities. Arandr allowed me to set the projector's resolution to FHD / 1920x1080 but a few days ago, it stopped working : I can only output 1024x768 to the videoprojector. Would you have any suggestion ?

I tried to (just follow the xrandr Arch documentation step by step):

  • get a Modeline using cvt ;
  • add a new "mode" using xrandr ;
  • output that to the projector,

But it failed. Did I miss something ?

At the same time, using a VGA cable allows me to output 1920x1080... I tried several HDMI cables without success. I also tried another VGA in / HDMI out adapter but no success, so I don't really know where the problem could come from...

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