Low connection download Pacman

Hi i am Watynecc new to Manjaro
I have a very very slow connection (40kb/sec) soo i can’t upgrade my system
Do you have a idea how to install with this connection?

Welcome at the forum, @Watynecc

You could use

sudo pacman -Syuw

which first only downlads all required packages, even if it takes a while. Afterwards, when finished update by

sudo pacman -Syu

On a long time you have to look for a faster connection. Manjaro is like Arch a rolling release distro, at least once a month you should update your system.

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In addition to the above, prior to run those, run this command:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5
to refresh mirror list.

Maybe you are stuck with a slow mirror.

Thanks you Wollie for this pacman command (dood i don’t know that )
Andd in February i will have the fibre so that’s ok
(Actually the minimal iso is very minimal :sweat_smile::joy:)

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I try it just before this post
And i know i have low connection :sob:
Thanks for your reply :cowboy_hat_face:

Also I love Manjaro Uwu With LXDE on my very old computer
So i decided to try cinnamon on my new pc :smiley: work good

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Glad to hear! :smiley:

Also Good beautiful forum

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