Lost zfs module for 6.1.60 and 6.5.9 kernel during the last update

I lost linux61-zfs and linux65-zfs during the last update yesterday. I don’t find them anymore in repos.
Are you going to provide kernels with zfs module enabled again ?

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Yes it’s gone read the announcements.

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ZFS has been dropped. See the Stable Update 2023-11-06 announcement.

It pays to read those, regularly, and carefully.

Once you’re on that page, scroll down, and you will find a few more comments relevant to your situation.


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Philm mentioned today:

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Packages don’t work. I got error message

linux65-zfs : /usr/lib/modules/6.5.9-1-MANJARO/extramodules already exists in filesystem

I’m in the same boat.

same here

Have a look into this thread it might give you an idea what to do in your specific case.

I’m currently in the process to bring them back …