Lost in emergency shell, UUID not found

Hey, recently, my laptop ran low on battery and shut down at around 10%. After charging it I was dropped into rescue mode (Where I got out from using “new prefix=(hd0,gpt5)/boot/grub”, “insmod normal” and “normal”. After this, I was getting into the grub, where I choosed manjaro, which lead to me being dropped into the emergency shell, giving me this error:

ERROR: device UUID=ica52c5c-4aff-45fe-982c-ecfc3bde3dea' not found. Skipping fs
mount: new_root: can' t find UUID=lca52c5c-4aff-45fe-982c-ecfc3bde3dea.
You are now being dropped into an emergency shell.
sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
Irootfs t sudo update-grub
sh: sudo: not found

(I used a image to text converter, there might be some miss spellings)

Does anyone have an idea how I could get out of this and into my normal desktop?
Thanks in advance

Some information to my pc:
Dell G15
Dual boot with windows 11
The disk is not encrypted

Try booting into the Manjaro install media, then open a terminal and enter


Then please post the results