Lost entry boot EFI and Grub restore do not change

after last update Bios version ,
i have always a “reset” for lines entries EFI boot ,
i see only lines ( UEFI: ), but not line Manjaro ( or EFI:Manjaro )

i have done chroot and grub restore with --debug
and update grub
there is no report of missing entry , restart in this case go to Bootx64 , not Grubx64

i have to copy Grubx64 to Bootx64 to launch

so , i think
Bootx64 is a boot “fails”

 sudo efibootmgr

BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 1 seconds
BootOrder: 0001,0002,0003,0004,0005,0006
Boot0001* UEFI OS
Boot0002* UEFI OS
Boot0003* UEFI OS
Boot0004* UEFI OS
Boot0005* UEFI OS
Boot0006* Hard Drive

details for the boot

 Boot0001* UEFI OS	HD(1,GPT,1a168083-0494-48f8-8235-3b4308a4bb4a,0x800,0x64000)/File(\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI)..BO

If it was working before, when booted to Manjaro, a
sudo grub-install
should do
After doing ‘sudo grub-install’ check if manjaro is listed in ‘efibootmgr’ and at top of bootorder.

If it does not, provide

efibootmgr -v

If it is not there, you may have to do

sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sda -p 1 -L "manjaro" -l "\EFI\Manjaro\grubx64.efi"

Note the above is for $esp in sda1: change to the correct partition if different

good luck.

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