Lost call notification in Plasma Mobile

I am using up-to-date Plasma mobile beta10 on my Pinephone 3GB. User experience is mainly good, then thank you for maintaining this release!

I am a bit stuck with a basic phone functionality tough: when I receive a call and I do not answer, no notification for the lost call is shown in the lockscreen. This is kind of strange because in the lockscreen I usually find a lot of “modem connection lost/recovered” notifications, hence I assume the notifications management works correctly.
In notification menu, the message in temporary window is activated for lost call (screenshot), as it is for connection manager, which appears to raise notifications correctly.

Am I looking into the wrong setting for the last call notification or is this unintended behaviour that I should report upstream? Thank you

This is not a new issue. I have never seen lost calls being notified in any way in Plasma Mobile. It’s like the old rotary disc phones: lost is lost.

Not really lost: lost calls are listed in the calls history, as for all other calls.
I suppose, when plasma-dialer app stops ringing because caller closed the call without being answered, it stores the call in the calls history as a lost call (red horizontal phone icon). But It does not raise a notification for the lost call to be shown in the lockscreen or notified in the swipe-down menu. Or, plasma-dialer raises the notification correctly, but for whatever reason that notification is not handled in the notification daemon.
Any way to check and confirm either explanation? Thank you

Not really lost: lost calls are listed in the calls history, as for all other calls.

That is already an improvement over previous versions that did not record lost calls in the history either.