Losing wifi connection

Hey, guys. Every time that I’m in Manjaro I lose and and gain my WiFi internet connection.

Can you help me?

I’d appreciate it!

@imjavierpalma Greetings and welcome. I’m a newbie so my ability to help is somewhat limited vs the gurus around here, but suffering from a similar issue on one of my household desktops I can suggest this…

Since you have connectivity (and then lose it) it seems highly unlikely that there is any sort of configuration issue. It’s more likely that your wifi signal is weak and/or your wifi hardware isn’t up to the task.

Perhaps given distance from wifi router?

A couple of solutions: Try a hardwired ethernet conection if at all possible. Try the 5G band of your wifi router if that’s an option (sometimes worse, sometimes better depending on house layout). Reboot your router to see if that reduces the issue.

In my case, I find that if I simply “disconnect” and re-“connect” my wifi connection through the Manjaro tray settings, it quickly resolves the issue.

Is your wifi signal showing up as strong enough (number of bars)?

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Thanks for the tips!

The router distance and reset are not an issue due to I recently had this problem.

I did some research and the only thing that is working so far is that I type systemclt stop dhcpcd.service and so far is working. So, every time that I login into my PC I have to type that command. Sometimes I have to shut it down.

What does your system use to connect to a network (wired and wifi)? Networkmanager with the applet in the top corner? If yes, you can simply disable dhcpcd with systemctl disable --now dhcpcd.

See also the last section of: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Networking
for some info.

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Hi, I use wifi.

Thanks for the tip. So far it’s working! If something comes up I’ll let you know.

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