Losing FPS after playing several Games

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and not experienced “Linux-User”. I came across an oddity while gaming on Manjaro and Ubuntu. After playing an game using vulkan I lose tons of FPS when I play an game with DXVK ( DirectX11?) later.
After Rebooting everything is back to normal.

For example I start up Path of Exile via Steam ( “Gamemoderun on” Proton 6.3.1) everything works fine 144 Fps limited. Then I start up Rocket League (“Gamemoderun on” Proton 6.20 GE-1) and get 60 - 80 FPS. Nothing helps like changing Proton or canceling gamemoderun command line. But when I restart the system I get 144 FPS in Rocket League. Its kind of strange losing performance out of nowhere.

I tried an program called Corecrtl with automatic settings or forcefully set up my gpu to max performance ( no overclock ). No changes to the Problem. Sometimes it got even worse with corecrtl. Like more Fps drops in other Games too.

Defect Hardware isnt possible because everything works fine in Windows 10 ( T_T) and the games run well on Manjaro without changing the title like explained above.

Tried to change Kernel didnt help ( tried 5.13 ; 5.14 and 5.15 current kernel)

Im using Manjaro KDE with the standard GPU driver

Renderer: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (NAVI10, DRM 3.42.0, 5.15.0-1-MANJARO, LLVM 12.0.1)

OpenGL: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.3

My System:


16 GB RAM 3600 Mhz

AMD 5700 XT Gigabyte

WD M2 1000 Gb device

Mods: Gamemoderun commandline ; Goverlay to check FPS; corectrl sometimes to configure Aircontrol of GPU; Proton GE release for some Games.

Sorry for my bad english ( not my native language :slight_smile: ) Thanks for any kind of help.

Can you check the temperature of the graphics card and the CPU ?

Hello. thanks for your response. Yes with “Goverlay” i can check the temperature of the GPU ingame. It has 60 to 80 °C in less performance games and 80 to 94°C in more quality games like Shadow of the Tombraider. In those games I use Core CrtL to boost the Airflow of the GPU.

Thats the temperature limit of the graphics card.

The 5700 XT is a hot card. It’s the same in Windows in GPU challenging games the card needs to be cooled by intensive airflow so I manage the air control in Windows too. The card gets louder but never overheats to system failure.

Path of Exile and Rocket League never challenge the Hardware to this extent. The temperature is like ~ 60 °C in those titles. Still the problem of lower FPS is existing.

Longer gaming Sessions in Cyberpunk (Steam Manjaro Proton) never lead to overheat problems, too.

The CPU temperature is like ~60 °C

Overheat problems may be relevant, but I don´t think its the main call here :frowning:

The temperature limit of modern semiconductors lies at 100°C.

“The temperature limit of modern semiconductors lies at 100°C.” okay dont know about that isnt included in my Knowledge :slight_smile:

So are you saying, 94°C ist to high because okay maybe the card needs to get modded or undervolted.

But what is about the games that did not reach this kind of temp. ? Why the fps drops there?

When the CPU or GPU reaches the temperature limit, then the clock frequency is decreased.
The result is fps drop.

Yes thank you I get that now, but again: “But what is about the games that did not reach this kind of temp. ? Why the fps drops there?”

If there is an general heat problem with the GPU I could understand your point, but in an 60 - 80 °C range of temperature and an modified Air Control to hold temperature out of the critical limit, i dont see the rising overheat.

When there were FPS drops while playing Path of Exile, for example, then I would agree with you. But the FPS in POE are constant ( the temp likewise).

When I play SotT ( which is an intensive game for every GPU), then I get higher Temps, like “94°C”. In that case I could try things like undervolting, more speed to the fans or “Anti-Heat-modding”.

Seems to me there is more to the problem, than high temps :frowning:

Do you have Win installed on you system ?

Yes I’m dual booting but I try to get rid of it. Hope the Steam - Deck will bring the solution for Anti Cheat.
I´m using Windows for one game that has Anti Cheat and I don ´t want to use it for gaming otherwise.

I dont like the way Windows 10 works and I dont like the way Windows 11 will work.

Can you test the same games with Win as OS ?

Of course, but I need to download them. Give me some time to do so.

Hello again. The problem is solved, kind of. My GPU seems to be defect. I got artifacts while playing ( no overheat) and later on blackscreens. These Symptoms weren´t showing before. There Weren´t any FPS drops in Windows. But I think the clearly possible defect is a critical factor. Thanks for the help I will go now crying because of the nice GPU market out there T_T

Do you also have issues on Windows? Not really clear.

I had issues on both systems. Blackscreens in Linux. Artifacts in Windows while playing ( Some White Bubbles in a FPS Shooter instead of vegetation - placements) . After an blackscreen in Linux I couldnt get my normal Screen resolution in both systems ( I own a wqhd screen and the highest choice was 1280 x 960).

After a shutdown I cutted of the Power suppley and dismounted my GPU. Cleaned it up a little bit and mounted it again. After booting again everything went back to normal like before ( gameplay and Resolution in both systems).

But I think it is the beginning of the end gpu-wise.

Power supply 850 Watt.

Then the cooler of the graphics card is not sufficient.

I have to trust the heat detector of the device to show me the correct temperature. Im observing the temperature in Manjaro via goverlay and in Windows via AMD metric overlay. The temperatures weren’t in critical areas when the Problems occured. Of course Im not in the possession of a Heat showing camera or sth alike. So i cant be sure.

A possible solution is a water cooling for the GPU.

Bykski GPU Water Cooling Block For Gigabyte RX5700XT GAMING OC 8G

This is the only one I found and it seems to be a part of an hole watercooling system. The problem is the architecture of the card is special.

I will start simple: First I will change the thermal paste. Then I will check If this will succeed. Next step would be changing the thermal pads.