Looping Windows 10 installation on ASUS T102HA

I tried to clean install on ASUS T102HA.. The computer was on and off while installing and then I received this message while the ASUS logo is on and "Preparing" with round cicle going on......

"" The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered unexpected error, Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows click "OK" to restart the computer and then restart the installation""""

When i click OK it restarts and then goes back to the same...

I tried F9 key but it still goes to the same....

To clarify, you did a clean install of what when that happened?

Return to previous version 1803? The latest 1904 crashes some systems. Wait until it's been polished.

I would request a moderator close this thread as it is a violation of the forums rules. Support for Windows installations should be carried out on a Windows forum, not Manjaro's.

Quoted from the forum rules:

Community technical support is intended for the Manjaro Linux distribution and packages available in the Arch Package Repository and the Arch User Repository.

The OP has disappeared so I will close this for now.