Looks like unstable updates today broke my Ethernet

Guess I’ll be chrooting in for a downgrade…

Is mhwd-chroot no longer a thing? Manjaro-chroot?

2 strikes on the internet so far…

I’m on the testing branch here and I have no issue with ethernet with the latest linux-rpi4 kernel and raspberrypi-bootloader packages installed on my pi4. What do you think broke your ethernet?

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Testing is not unstable. I’m wanting to chroot is there a package for manjaro-chroot please.

I have xfce stable and unstable mate. xfce Ethernet works. After son updates on mate from unstable ethernet no longer works. WiFi works.

Where is manjaro-chroot please?

I’m not sure. Along time ago I used arch-chroot but it does not seem to be there anymore. I do have the chroot command installed but it would require some manually setting up.

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Install arch-install-scripts to get arch-chroot.

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mhwd-chroot was replaced long time ago by manjaro-chroot (which is part of manjaro-tools-base).

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Don’t see what would have broke my Ethernet… Downgraded to resting well enough… Mate panel? Nss? Llbm libs? Node js? Js78j harfbuzz icu!? Nothing stands out…

Works just the same though…

Nss maybe the culprit

I am starting an upgrade and I too wonder what could be the culprit. I have iproute2 and nss to upgrade. I’ll report back.

Edit: Works fine for me post update, no issue.

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