Looking for bluetooth hardware (stick?)

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About two weeks ago I got myself a set of bluetooth headphones. The main reason I got these was for commuting and generally to use with my phone - which works fine.

But I kinda want to use them with my computer now - for watching movies and also for some gaming. I do gaming both under Windows and (where possible) under Linux.

Can someone recommend some hardware that would allow my computer to connect to my headphones via bluetooth? As you can imagine, I would like to use them both with Manjaro and with Windows. Bluetooth 5.0 or 5.1 should also be supported. The headphones also have a microphone (as they all do) and being able to use that would be great but this isn’t a deal-breaker.

There is a lot of stuff on sale on Amazon, but just about all of that is China-stuff with no statement about the driver situation - especially not concerning Linux. :woman_shrugging: The last time I did something with bluetooth on my PC was probably in the 90s, so I am not exactly up to date. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your input!

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Just so we don’t start with the wrong foot this discussion, please take a look at this forum rule:

In principle you can take a look at the Search results for 'bluetooth headphone ' - Manjaro Linux Forum and see what model have issues and what fixes there are available.

This is also a must read, just so you know what to expect.


What are you implying with that ‘China-stuff’ statement? I live in China, buy China stuff, and I’ve had no problems with it. There are great brands and bad brands, just like in any other country. No statement about Linux drivers; well, that goes for a lot of hardware as well, which is shipped with a Windows .exe CD or download link not just ‘China-stuff’. My ‘China-stuff’ USB BT dongle, mechanical keyboard and mouse, and internal hard drive work just fine, without any special drivers.

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I bought a very cheap (Like £5) tiny bluetooth dongle, chinese no doubt. It’s not produced any problems for me and works a treat for dualshock controllers.

I imagine the problems you may run into won’t be on part of the bluetooth receiver but of the headset itself.

If you are really concerned, ASUS, Belkin and TP-Link are respectable enough brands all selling bluetooth dongles. I bet they are all plug and play on linux and windows.

Ok, I am not going to go into much discussion here. I live in Germany and we are made fun of on a regular basis because Germans tend to put twice the product’s mass in paper into the package. I do now get uptight about that either.

When I refer to “China stuff”, I don’t mean TP-Link, Oneplus, Huawei or the other brands that we see on the European market. These are brands that have made good products and earned the respect they now enjoy. These brands also have local retailers. I am referring to the very cheap stuff on Amazon, from brands that I have never heard of and it comes with no documentation, no (useful) specifications and the description is often nearly unreadable because it was not written by an actual human (who understands and speaks German or Englisch) but it was created by the Google translator, Babelfish or something of the sort.

It’s fine for you to by Chinese products because you can read what it says on the package - I can’t. A lot of the issues that may come up in Europe have to do with the distance. The products I am writing about are sent directly from China. I actually buy a lot of Chinese (and other Asian) food from a very good shop in the neighbouring city and I am perfectly fine with that - because there I have someone to talk to.

Please don’t take my statement the wrong way. The market for Chinese products is probably quite different here in Europe than it is in China - and I am guessing the reverse is also true.

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Fair enough. With all of the anti-China opinions these days, it is easy to misinterpret statements about China and Chinese products, which is why I asked what you meant. :slight_smile:

Yes, there can be some strange translations because they may use their own words for things and directly translate them, or use those translators you mentioned, “Place the big fish into the hole and open the power”.

Neither can I; I’m still learning. Well, much of it, anyway.

A quick search revealed this, but they seem to be ver 4.0: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/best-usb-bluetooth-adapters/

as @BusinessOrc mentioned, the headset may be more of a problem than the dongle.

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Hey guys!

Just to complete this thread… :innocent:

I wound up buying this thingy: 1mii USB Bluetooth Adapter
On Amazon (Germany) the product number is: B086KXR1CF

It is only an audio adapter. Meaning, it’s useless for data transfer for example between my computer and my phone (which I don’t much care about anyways).

It worked out of the box without any tampering from me and my system switches from the usual speakers to the headphones automatically, when the headphones connect. Note: I have to push stop and play once for the switch to happen, as it won’t work while a video or music file is playing.

Thanks for your inspiration!