Looking for an graphical app that replaces lsmod/modinfo


i’m looking for an graphical application that gives me all infos that i can get with lsmod and modinfo. a dream if it would also show the actual settings of the parameters of an module.
i appreciate everyone’s help

Hello @Olli :wink:

I doubt there is one and will ever be. What do you expect from such a GUI?

If you are using Plasma - you can get a lot of info - I am not sure if you get all - but a boatload there is in System Settings


Needs fzf but maybe you can find it somewhat helpful:

lsmod | awk '{print $1}' | fzf -m --preview 'modinfo {1}'

You can drop it in your, ex, ~/.bashrc

lsmodinfo () { lsmod | awk '{print $1}' | fzf -m --preview 'modinfo {1}'; }

And then you can use (after, ex source .bashrc):


PS … for whoever likes this kind of thing … its based on some old functions I had lying around for aur helpers:

yas () { yay -Slq | fzf -m --preview 'yay -Si {1}'| xargs -ro yay -S; }

pas () { paru -Slq | fzf -m --preview 'paru -Si {1}'| xargs -ro paru -S; }

Basically the same as above, but fuzzy search of packages with extra info … mouse or keyboard navigation … selection provides info, enter or double click installs.

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