Looking for Advice and opinions regarding Full Disk Encryption

I am using KDE, I was under the impression that locking a file in a vault would change my directory structure and/or make the file inaccessible to emby?

I am unaware of how Emby would interact using vaults. You could always test it out.

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Well I already reformatted the external with encryption and am in the process of restoring the back-ups I made, but it might be something I could play around with, with some random folder

ok found a lot of info on Vaults but getting a little confused on the mount points.
I have folder structure that I want to keep intact, and the files need to stay on the external drive,
so what do I set for the two mount points that vaults Ask's for.

If I want to keep the files physically on my External HDD and encrypt that folder, what mount points do I use when setting up the Vault?

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