Looking for a floating WM that is able to switch easily into tiling mode

I've used i3 before and loved the tiling for multitasking, but when there's only one window (or a very small one) having it fill the entire screen is very annoying and it was the main reason I left i3. (Also because I miss the window buttons and being able to drag and resize with just my mouse)

So now I'm looking for a floating WM that has the ability to switch into tiling mode; and preferably one that's easy to configure.

Awesome fits the bill


May be kwin with tiling script


Awesome wm. The only downside is that it is not easy to configure, but the defaults are solid.


The Openbox WM is not tiling but is highly configurable to offer tiles.

The community edition has a lot of shortcuts to do exactly that - even moving windows between desktops.

You can even extend the tiling process to make specific windows appear in a specific location.

There has been post about this before.


Maybe not what you want, but i3 can save & restore layouts:

kwin with tiling script, as Librewish suggested, is also a good possibility.
I only tested it briefly, but seems to work rather well.


Also, you can make any floating wm act like a tiler with wmutils and some scripting. See https://github.com/dkeg/wmtls

Also, once this project stabilizes, it is going to be awesome combination of tiling and floating:


When I used Xfce, I used quicktile to have such experience.


Awesome wm by default is more desktop friendly with no config. JWM is the only other wm that can kind of act like it tiling. Just move the window to the corner to see what I mean.

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Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll take a look at them.