Long time to send data to printer

When I print a pdf file it takes about 30 to 50 seconds to start printing
on Firefox/Gimp/LibreOffice it takes longer than Okular
Printer : Brother DCP-T310 / USB
Driver source : aur/brother-dcpt310

This may be no fault

Is the printer connected with wifi ?
Is it a slow (100MBit) Ethernet-cable ?

  • Sometimes when printing the whole print has to be rendered by the computer. (slow printring)
  • Sometimes the rendering is done by the printer. (fast printing)

When the computer has to render the page, a huge load of binary data has to be sent to the printer. This does take some time.

And if using cups this is a process in 2 steps.

  • The print is rendered, and it is transfered into the print-queue (stored on disk)
  • When the print is completely rendered, it is sendt to the printer
  • Meanwhile you are able to print more pages into the queue.

This results in some delay (depends on resolution of print). But this way your program is not halted until the print finishes.

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Thank you for your time

I’m using a USB printer

Can I change cups settings and make the rendering done by the printer ?
Is it better to make rendering done by the printer?
I’m new to Linux printing

You can´t select this it is done automatically. cups uses the best way, you printer is able to print.

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You can sometimes considerably increase the speed by lovering print quality. If you chose best then printer might not be able to do the rendering but may be able to do the printing, If you chose standard it might be a lot faster (in case of mine printer for example standard takes 2% of the time the best quality takes)

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