Long list of problems seems to be fixed!

Hey folks,

I’d just like to report back to you that the long list of problems I’ve been having, the thorn in my side :weary: :rage:, seems to be fixed after removing all 49 deepin-related packages. :smile:

I mostly had problems after installing some apps even though they were from the official repositories. And only once I had a problem with the system update where I was not able to log in to the Plasma (X11) desktop theme.

Each time, it was the very same problem! 2 seconds after logging in, I kept getting kicked out of the Plasma (X11) desktop theme, back to the login screen, even though my system was setup for auto login.

Even going into “System Settings” and simply clicking on “Application Style” under “Appearance” was enough to send me back to the login screen. All these problems and even the one below are fixed now. :smile:

At first, I didn’t want to tackle this and end up with things, way over my head. As I hypothesized that removing all 49 deepin-related packages could fix the problem, I couldn’t resist the temptation and went ahead with it.

First, I backed up my system with TimeShift, and then removed all 49 deepin-related packages.

After reboot, the desktop wallpaper and all the widgets I set up on desktop were gone. But it was not a big deal to set them all up again to get things where they were.

So far, so good for now! :smile:

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