London Trip Week 41


Bernhard and I are in London from 11th till 14th of October and stay near Kings Cross.


We will meet with our business partner in crime, StationX, to discuss the final touch of our Spitfire Laptop and other things planned for Manjaro in general.

We are also happy to get joined by you, our community based in London. So lets get together and chat in person.

Best, Philip

An interview with Philip Müller
Philip & Bernhard on Destination Linux Podcast
[Stable Update] 2017-10-09 - Kernels, Mesa, Xorg-Server, PHP, Python, Haskell

shouldn’t this be on announcements?


sales’ commissions by chance, or is it percentage based ?
:smile: :wink:
…anyway, have fun.


Do you give free beer to those who attend there?


How about you give free beer to the people who provide your OS and all support for free? :slight_smile:

Seriously, Phil and Bernhard shoudn’t be paying for anything at this event.

StationX, on the other hand. :wink:

If we could make this into a “conference” I think I can get my workplace to cover my travel costs etc. Is it too short notice?


Wish the best success for the business. Let me know when you guys come to Portugal!


Pic’s please :grinning: - for those of us who are geographically impaired.

All the best to everybody involved. :hugs:

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:laughing: :rofl:


well, even that pic looks a lot better than my London, Ontario. Canada.

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@philm I would like to go, unfortunately I have been ill this week and spend most of my time in bed, Im hoping to get better by then, will let you know if my condition changes.

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Gladly, if you would have come to my country. But the beer would be too free: Free alcohol-free beer.


It’s the taste that’s important, not the alcohol. Most alcohol-free beer here tastes like bitter, sour water.

Of course, I’m always open to tea. :slight_smile:


How about a live stream from the pub? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: For those of us that can’t afford the air/lodging/etc expense. We could all raise a toast heard 'round the world! :clinking_glasses: :globe_with_meridians:


I fly into London this week but will miss being able to connect with the Manjaro crew by a mere 24 hours! Next time.

All the best with the trip & as always, thanks to you & the rest of the team for an OS that just gets better & better.

More power to you all.

Ruziel :slight_smile:

PS for anyone who says “I can’t drink beer at the moment”, I always find sucking on an old sock dipped in luke warm water tastes similar. Join Jonathan & drink some tea…:slight_smile:


And just how comprehensive has been your testing?:rofl:

Anyway… I was actualy checking the price of a pint in London. Old info but a bit higher then I would expect.

Out here in the USA Great southwest a pint of good craft beer/ale runs $5.00 :beers:

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@kmartin, hi there - I was actually just being a bit cheeky. I’ve lived in the UK half my life but generally prefer my beers icy cold - but warm beer is better on a freezing UK afternoon after a ramble in the hills. The range of quirky English ales is fantastic though. The names, the labels - I mean, who names a beer “Bishop’s Finger”? Classic.


Me too cheeky is good and you are a valuable member of this community, thank you.
Names are interesting too, we have a local called “Beam me up Scotty” a dark smoky flavor. Excellent.
But to get back on topic: the live pub stream (there’s an opening)… :smirk:

This IS Manjaro, We have the technology.

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I see you’re also a fan of the “make it so” meme - he was/is a great Captain.

Beam me up Scotty - fantastic name for a beer.

More power to you senor!


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I work in London in Westminster and trust me drinking in the city is an expensive activity. Pint of Peroni at my local boozer is £5.25.

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really? :flushed::flushed:

in my local store cl66 € 0,65… and Peroni is a sh*t beer