Lollypop won't redirect sound on my bluetooth speaker

Hello, i’ve a weird issue with lollypop, i can pair my bluetooth speaker without problem, but I can’t redirect the sound to it.

The system sound works fine for example, youtube too, any idea to resolve this issue ?

I’ve tried with gnome-music, same issue… It’s more global then Lollypop…

If you cannot redirect audio in Gnome sound settings I suggest install PulseAudio Volume Control pavucontrol

If the Bluetooth speaker is visible in pavucontrol Output Devices tab, audio streams from Lollypop, gnome-music etc. can be redirected to Bluetooth speaker in the Playback tab by selecting output device from drop-down menu

Thanks for your response, I tried and there was no difference.

My Bluetooth speaker was charging on my computer dock, when I unplugged the USB cable the sound finally came through. I guess the USB would interfere with the bluetooth…

No more issue… That was very silly…

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