Logitech MX Anywhere 2 wireless mouse

Is there a chance that this mouse would work on a Manjaro 17-xfce installation?
I plan to purchase a new wireless mouse, but I’m not sure what mouse would work.
I searched the forum, but found nothing.
Thanks in advance for suggestions.

I don’t see any reason for this mouse to not work.

  • WIth Unifying Receiver radio it should work out of the box,. I never had problem with mine.
  • Bluetooth mode is less sure I never use bluetooth mouse or keyboard (I hate bluetooth)
  • there is not many buttons then it should works. mouse with plenty of button can be problematic
  • About Hyper-fast scroll, I don’t know

I have a Logitech M557 and had nothing but problems until I switched whatever DE specific bluetooth integration with blueman. I also have to leave it open or the mouse falls asleep. Tried a wide variety of configurations but this is the only thing that worked. Fortunately XFCE comes with blueman out of the box so if there is a chance for a completely trouble free bluetooth mouse experience that would be the DE to try it with, My M557 works perfectly now.

@scachemaille These days I’ve an nearly 7 year old Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 (unifying) mouse. It works smoothly with my laptop running Manjaro. So I ordered the MX mouse. Thanks for your information.

Last update: I received the mouse yesterday, plugged in and it worked fine. All, but one button, works. To make all buttons work you need to download a piece of software (Windows and Mac). That last button is to enable extra gestures.

MX Master here. I’m using solaar-git to connect everything to the unifying connector and set up things.

M325 (unifying) mouse here, 2.5 years and running…