Logitech G29 controls volume and mouse movement

Hi all,

I installed the Manjaro KDE version (latest stable and updates) about a week or two ago. Today I wanted to play some Euro Truck Simulator 2 and noticed some strange behaviour when pressing a certain button on my Logitech G29 steering wheel. The button I pressed was the RSB button which corresponds with the BTN_BASE3 according to evdev (output of python test below). When I press this button two this happen, the volume goes down and the mouse moves to the right. (also when not in-game)

device /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_G920_Driving_Force_Racing_Wheel_for_Xbox_One_000064a864939969-event-joystick, name "Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel", phys "usb-0000:00:14.0-1/input0"
key event at 1564329137.862715, 296 (BTN_BASE3), down
key event at 1564329138.182698, 296 (BTN_BASE3), up

Is there anyone who has the same or has a solution to solve this? I already looked into the mouse moving thing by trying to disable it in Xorg as described in the Arch forum. This however did not help as Xorg refused to start after.
On another note I do not have the xf86-input-joystick package installed and most forum posts ask to remove this package.
I am wondering if this is a KDE thing since also the volume is turned down when pressing the button and I have not experienced this in the Manjaro XFCE edition.



I am running into the same issue on Arch with KDE on a Logitech G920. I also don't have the xf86-input-joystick package installed. Another weird thing I noticed is that the wheel is not detected by lsusb.

Update: downgrading to LTS kernel and running "steam --reset" fixed the issue. Logitech wheel support seems to have been broken after kernel 5.1.

Nice to seem you seem to have found a fix. Will look tomorrow if downgrading to kernel 5.1 fixed the issue for me.

Sorry for the late reply. Just checked with only the downgrade of the kernel. That did not help. I did need to do the steam reset command as you said. Thanks for the help. Would not have thought that Steam would have anything to do with this. But then I have had trouble with steam and controllers before. They should just allow the underlying OS to handle controllers/drivers. Thx.

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