login to forum


I have been trying to login to forum since early hours this morning only been able to login just now 6 pm what was wrong

Was the site Down Today ? 29/3/2019 Friday

I am not sure what happened. Forum was down for quite a while. maybe a discourse thing?


In a nutshell, the database had an inconsistency which only showed up during a rebuild of the Discourse container.

It needed quite a bit of massaging to get everything into a situation where I could fix the database.

forum.manjaro.org has been UREACHABLE 3 times during the past 2 weeks.

ok it played up just before said bad gateway appears ok now
no still playing up gateway problem


i get these messages…

504 Gateway Time-out

502 Bad Gateway


Then how are you posting? :crazy_face:

You’ll get those while the server reboots or container restarts.


:man_shrugging: maybe i am a ghost

also some avatars are not showing


Yeah, it seems to do that after a rebuild. They seem to fix themselves after a while…

Oh, and they’re back… :man_shrugging:

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Same problem here

all morning no forums


It sometimes happens that we may have a downtime. However since we have a great team of administrators we could solve the issue fast. It only shows how important the forum had become.


Missed you! :heart:


well done team


It is UP!!! That is what I call a happy ending. :crazy_face:


Just to round this off, it turns out our forum had found an edge-case in the migration of the database to support a new Discourse feature. Our “bug report” led to a fix:

Our “pain” is everyone else’s “gain”.