Login Password Removed, want to add


I had the same login password m=problem with manjaro Mate 18.0.1 as stated in:

I also had to disable the login for the machine to use the installation.

(mostly) everything else worked fine.

Is there a way to reinstate the login in the now working installation?


That might work, if when you say you disabled login you did it by enabling auto login…


I think that removes the group password from user. I do not want to do that. I want to add the password back on power up. I fixed the title of this topic so that I am clearer about what I am trying to do.


Ahh, okay then just run


from the command line, that should have you set a password again. If that doesn’t do it, then:

sudo passwd [username]

I tried it with my preferred password.

]$ passwd
Changing password for userXX.
Current password:
New password:
Retype new password:
Password unchanged

I do not see how this will add a prompt on startup for the user and password.