Login Loop, Can't Access TTY. Gnome

Firstly Good morning for those reading this.

I have a peculiar problem and I hope you can help.
A few days back I updated my system and installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers (Skipped my mind as I was using the system primarily as a coding machine).
This switch my system from Wayland to Xorg which has poor support for fractional scaling (Screen).

To remedy this, I installed the ubuntu patch from the community repository. This seems to have fixed that problem (though there was a dip in the quality of the frame rate but I could live with that).

The next time I restarted the laptop, I was initially caught in the login loop.
But after a restart I was able to get back into desktop environment.
Over the next few days I encountered this issue but could always circumvent it by restarting the system.

I guess my luck finally ran out as of this morning as I am currently unable to get into my system.
So far so normal. I qwart (My preferred search engine) the problem, I came across a few post suggesting the use of TTY to get back into the system. Now here is the headline, I can’t get into TTY.

From what I have read on both the ubuntu, arch and manjaro forums, to access TTY the combination of (left) ctrl + alt + fx (f1 - f6) is used. On my system I get a black screen, no cursor indicator, no prompt to login. It’s worth noting that I am able to get back to the desktop environment by ctrl + alt + f1 at the very least that’s working. After a few hours of losing the remainder of my hair, I decided to ask here.

I can get into the grub terminal just fine but can’t seem to get into the TTY.

My system :

Lenovo Y50-70 gaming laptop.

Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

Else thanks for looking in.