Login hangs when Wake On LAN is enabled in the BIOS

I want to enable Wake-On-LAN on my install, on my MSI GF75 Thin laptop. I followed all of the supposed steps on the Arch Linux Wiki. For some reason, when I enable “Wake up On LAN” in the BIOS and boot my computer, it freezes on the login screen when I log in (as soon as I press enter after I enter my password). It just stays like that, cursor frozen. It’s just the BIOS setting that does that, and I’ve tried logging in via tty2/3/4 and using startx. It doesn’t allow me to go to tty2/3/4 when the BIOS setting is on. Any way I can fix this?

Maybe update the bios ?

This type of statement does not help at all. You need to tell us exactly what you did from A to Z.