Login hanging solution!

Manjaro KDE 20.1 (stable, testing and unstable), may affect other desktop environments also.

The issue is that if you logout and login then the login might hang

(or at least if you do logout/login two times shortly after another then the second login won’t start the desktop for sure only black screen and mouse is shown).

If the re-login works, the Plasma desktop symbols, menu and panel/taskbar often didn’t recognize fractional scaling settings (but all applications are scaled fine). Several new fresh installs of Manjaro KDE 20.1 with different branches didn’t solve the problem.

How do I proceed?

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I have the same problem with KDE, kernel 5.7.19.

I found the solution in “Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 1708333” (google for details):

sudo nano /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Ctrl+W KillUserProcess

delete the leading # from the line that says:


and edit it so that it shows:



To take effect the changes reboot your system.

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Did my provided solution help to solve your problem (look above)?

This sounds very similar to the problem im facing, i will try your solution for sure :+1:


Yes your problem sounds very similar to mine. Please report back if the solution shown here solved your problem.

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