Login Failure in Budgie after Update - current version needs mutter-8

Hi, after updating my system (Budgie Desktop) the login fails with strange error (haha, like old Windows: Error occured, System can’t load, logoff and try again). I have search in logs and found that the new budgie-desktop version ( tries to use the mutter version 8. I found this error message:

budgie-wm: error while loading shared libraries: libmutter-8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have created a new user and the login with gnome works. XFCE4 works for all. Only budgie not.

Looks like that the wm crashes. The current mutter package for manjaro is version 7. So what should I do? I could install a git version. But could this lead to more problems? Downgrade is not possible. I have no lower package in cache.

Would be nice to find a solution. Thank you :slight_smile:

Same problem here maybe… My login works but wm crashes on budgie.

Edit: I downgraded budgie-desktop and everything is working fine. No other dependency was touched.

I have found an old package on another PC with manjaro. So I could downgrade it to budgie-desktop-10.5.2+1+g5a56d6dd and now everything works fine. It looks like that the budgie update was set too early to stable while mutter-8 is still in unstable.

So blacklist budgie-desktop until mutter-8 is in stable.

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