Login failed after update

I can´t login any more on my #pinephone (user manjaro from original distro) . So starting #Jumpdrive (#postmarketOS ?), mounting disk and found below the pacman.log line (Sorry, german only first lines then english). The “project” (mission) was to install #deltachat-desktop on #pinephone from #AUR with #npm . It demands me to update #npm first. Then followed a rather long sequence of #gpg #signature changes of many libs (why?) I missed the line below because I never updated my password after or even during any installation project.

any ideas welcome.


[2021-06-14T13:25:00+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] gpg: Tiefe: 1  gültig:  31  signiert:  85  Vertrauen: 0-, 0q, 0n, 27m, 0f, 0u
[2021-06-14T13:25:00+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] gpg: Tiefe: 2  gültig:  78  signiert:  24  Vertrauen: 78-, 0q, 0n, 0m, 0f, 0u
[2021-06-14T13:25:00+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] gpg: nächste "Trust-DB"-Pflichtüberprüfung am 2021-08-02
[2021-06-14T13:25:00+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ==> You need to update your password!
[2021-06-14T13:25:00+0200] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] Because of a library update, you need to update your password before you reboot. Run passwd to do so!

Did you follow the instructions?

Since I cannot login now I cannot sèt the password . The message me and you read about password change was found much later in pacman.log. A logfile is not a pop up window that did prompt for a pw change, right ? So if you recommend me to change it now then I am sure you can help with a command that changes pws on a remote mounted root FS, can you ?

From my report you could have found an answer

“I missed the line below because I never updated my password after or even during any installation project.”

Did I answer your question before you asked ?

Due to a missing simple answer I am not sure if I should manipulate /etc/shadow to follow your advice ?
I should mention that ssh from my network to manharo/PP is locked down, too . " Connection refused on port 22".
Tell me how can AUR be applied safely without locking a 6 inch linux phone ? Do I have to wipe manjaro completey, loosing my installation where no data backup helps ? Did AUR broke the complete pki on my manjaro ? Do you agree that on 6 inch display terminal on very first time with AUR the advice to change pw can be overseen easily ? Why is it so hard to unlock the authentication ?

I don’t know what exactly the reason is for the need to change your password after that library update, so I don’t know if any of this works, but you could try to either

  • set an empty password for your user in /etc/passwd by removing the x after the user name or generate a new password as described in the posts here or
  • change the password with chroot, although this won’t be too easy if you don’t use an ARM machine to access your phone’s file system because of differing architectures (workaround can be found here)

Or you just flash a new image. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘where no data backup helps’ because since you have access to all your data via Jumpdrive you can backup everything you want before wiping your current installation and then put it back afterwards.

makepasswd with crypt-md5 and 6 digits didnot work. I’m not sure if crypt alone or 8 digits for the manjaro unlocking pad would be better ? However removing ‘x’ from /etc/passwd on my pinephone did it and logged me in. Of course I still have to reset now a new password. But the real challange comes with procceeding of my first AUR mission ( deltachat-desktop)

The new password works only now with SSH to the pinephone. However reverting to x into /etc/passwd blocks again the numeric login pad. I’m sure it is not the,password mechanism but a bad, new and complex authentication service,between Linux and the manjaro login pad o the phone. I don’ t understand why wiping all manjaro should be necessary. The AUR, compilation ( deltachat) runs for hours and ends hopefully successfully. Loosing all on pinephone without backup of the manjaro itself would be painfully. So please help again.

Mission accompkished. Not for restoring normal manjaro numeric login pad. I guess it is not the basic unix authentication because ssh now let me login ( manjaro num pad does not) However AUR deltachat-desktop is compiled on this pinephone (PP) and running flawless. Only 6 hours elapsed and only 8 GB additional swap was needed. Maybe AUR on a PP is not always a choice when my 6 Core Odroid2 does the same in less than an hour.

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