Login data

i have the same problem like this guy: First login

I searched 30 Minutes for the first login data.

Maybe anyone should write them on the download page.

Thx Leon

I believe it is on documented on the wiki.

I can't found it. I use Manjaro ARM on my Rock Pi 4.
There is no article for Raspberry Pi or Rock Pi 4 in the Wiki.
Maybe i didn't notice it.

But the experience for new user is better, with the Login data on the download page or a link to the wiki article.

It's exhausting to search this information. Other publishers write this on the download page to and it's work perfetcly

Thx Leon

When I need to provide info to my users, I place it on the nearest place they will need it.

That said I don't know why not just using a blank password for the USB. Perhaps there's a compelling reason, but I don't know it.

Have you tried

User: manjaro
Password: manjaro

using the name of the distro is a standard in arch-distros.

Manjaro ARM is not an official version (and a bit more recent), so that's probably why it's not on the wiki.

According to this post, it prompts you to create your own username and password?

MAnjaro ARM does not have any default users when you first boot it up. You have to create the user on first boot using the OEM setup.
So there is no default user/login.

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Okay nice to know. I can't see anything until now: No HDMI connection?

That's why i can't see the script.

There is a problem to boot up my Rock Pi 4 with this image. It is not a problem to but up the Rock Pi 4 with armbian linux.

Greetz Leon

Just to check, you're complaining you can't find a piece of information which isn't necessary even though you can't actually log in because you have no working display?

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