Log out and Log in

My kernel Linux 510
Sometimes if I log out and then log in it leads me to a black screen with just only the cursor.
And I don’t know how to find out the error…
And at that state, I cant also move to terminal

Try setting KillUserProcesses=yes in file /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Hi @rhmerin. Did you find out what the error is? I have a similar issue. I tried it in both kernels- linux59 and linux510. Do let me know if you’ve fixed it and how you did so. Thanks!

@samya-ryz5 Have you tried the option that ddns proposes :point_up: ?

Hi @Hanzel . yes, I did that but it did not work. However, the issue with my system is that it doesn’t wake after sleep. I think i might have to use a different command or check elsewhere in the same file. The /etc/systemd/logind.conf does have hibernate and restart, but I couldn’t find sleep.