Log of pamac activity

I have been looking in vain for a log of recent pamac activity. If I invoked “pamac update” today, is there a log of today’s pamac activity? Where or how can I see that log? Does it require a sudo?

Depends on what you mean by

There is the pacman log and you can read it with any text editor
or like this, in a terminal, for instance:

less /var/log/pacman.log
or - to see the most recent first:
tac /var/log/pacman.log | less

Some Desktops have a dedicated log viewer …

no sudo required to read that file

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dedicated log viewer

Is in menu “history” in pamac gui :wink:

And already backwards, most recent first.
And with search function.

… from this you can see how often I use it :grinning:

pacmanlogviewer is qt5 … so at this moment, i write (since 2 days) my qt6 log viewer - python, more for plasma

reverse transaction (last at top), but no reverse packages in transaction
color code (at left) for identify each transaction
no real search but one filter by …
autocompletion in “filter” entry
doubleClic → open kate at line xxx
read only last 60 days

aCopie d'écran_20240530_154454

filter warnings

opps: when I saw these captures, TODO add date+time in status bar

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