Log in my xfce without identification

Hi there,

I recently installed a new manjaro beside my vista install. I did it very easily from a manjaro 64bits version I have, even if my laptop is a 32 bit one; but this is not the issue .

I’m wondering how to overpass the identification stage as I’m the only user.
I tried by uncommenting the 3 autologin lines of the lightdm.conf without any success.
I tried also by copying .xinitrc into my home directory without success as well.
Any advice will be appreciated.

This should help.

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Almost done.
Nevertheless it’s just stopping at my name window, just need to push the enter key to go in, but how to go in directly?

Any anwer please?

Sorry, i don’t have any clue beside the documentation.

after you add your name to lightdm.conf you need to run the commands.
replace “username” with your name.

groupadd -r autologin

gpasswd -a username autologin

HI, I’m using majaro-arm XFCE on a Raspberry Pi 400 and have been doing everything in this thread and the archlinix wiki link posted by @maycne.sonahoz. When I try to enter the command

groupadd -r autologin

I get the following in terminal

groupadd: Permission denied.
groupadd: cannot lock /etc/group; try again later.

What do I do to get the command to work and not get the “Permission denied” message?

Have your tried ?

sudo groupadd -r autologin

LOL I keep forgetting sudo is the most important command in all of linix. I come from the microsoft windows OS

I did sudo like you said like you said and it worked. Now I have the issue of it stopping at the login screen and I have to hit return or click on login to continue How do I make it go directly to the main desktop?

Exactly what I described above :slight_smile:

A possible solution to our problem

in the doc that @maycne.sonahoz linked to there is the following

** Troubleshooting

Autologin does not work**

read that and see if it works for you

I followed the link, it was ok already.
I installed … greeter, nothing happened more

Ok thought it might help

I think I found a solution!

Goto /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf then go down till you see


Remove the # and change 0 to 1 That will make it work. It won’t hide the login screen but it will auto execute an enter for you. If you leave it at 0 then it is off. Setting it to 1 will let it wait 1 second before loading the default user like it says in the comment in the file.

# autologin-user-timeout = Number of seconds to wait before loading default user

If 1 doesn’t work try setting it to 2

Also goto Applications (Manjaro button) → SettingsManjaro Settings ManagerUser Accounts → Your MAIN ACCOUNT (The account you normally login with) → Administrator (a small window will pop up labeled Account Type) → Check the box next to Show Groups → Check the box next to autologin → Click on the Apply button → Password window will popup, enter your password and press enter

Try this and see what you think.

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It doesn’t work as well.
I’m wondering if there is an incompatibility with the “greeter” lines inside lightdm.conf

OK It works for me as I described it

Try uninstalling the greeter app you have and then try what i described

Please try this


Tried this as well, the box was already checked, unchecked and checked, reboot, no more effect…