Log in every day: what about long life cookies for authentification?



As a user I’m forced to log in every day, because either the forum writes cookies with short life or there is some bug on the forum or on my side. Can you tell me,

  1. why is this happening?
  2. how can I fix this if it’s on my side?

Also I’ve noticed 502 Bad Gateway server error on the forum tonight, and I’ve seen before a website with the same log in issues and server errors happening every night (it was connected), so:

  1. is this connected?



i think it is something on your side. i have two cookies from forum.manjaro.org. one expires with the session and the other expires on halloween.


I have no same problem, so start checking if your browser has a setting (private mode?) or add-on (cookie-auto-delete?) that deletes cookies.


Nothing like that. Usually I disallow cookies for every website and add allow rules by hand, but the forum was already added, I’ve checked. And I’ve installed EditThisCookie extension for Chrome, but only after I’ve noticed the problem. I even can’t imagine what can be the cause, because I don’t encounter the problem on each website - just on the mentioned two websites, and I haven’t even any extensions that can be responsible - just ContentBlockHelper blocking absolutely nothing here and EditThisCookie that was installed after the problem has appeared. And I never use Private Mode.


You can always check your existing cookies and keep an eye on them while you log to the forum and back and forth.


Looked into my cookies with EditThisCookie extension. All like you said. But I suspect, it was the same before the forced logouts. I’ll try to watch my cookies next time and tell you what’s happening there, but, as far as I know, if cookies are enabled, if they are saved and didn’t expire, the only reason I can be logged out is that they aren’t actual anymore. Which means, if they weren’t changed, it’s the forum’s side.


Let’s wait a little, if more users have the same issue, then it must be “the forum’s side”.


All fine here … no logouts or anything. Cookies stay if I let them.


No issues here. I use about 6 different machines and several different browsers to connect and all stay logged in.


No problems, even after reboot(s).


It happened again. Looked into my cookies - none of them were saved. I never deleted them, my browser is configured to store cookies… I’m confused.


This is for Chrome type browsers. Which browser do you use?
Have you tested Firefox, to confirm/exclude that it’s server side problem?


No problem here with me either. Perhaps restart your browser with all extensions disabled to see if the problem persists.


Not yet. I use Vivaldi now (1.15, stable), but I was going to try qutebrowser to check whether the problem is in browser. For now I’ve protected cookies in EditThisCookie extension, maybe it will help.


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