Locked login screen after resume computer use

Hello, I use manjaro deepin, and since last testing updated, I noticed:
Than when I leave the computer some time and return, I find the the login menu screen,(Before I didn't had that, It was just a blank screen and moving mouse or typing was enough to return).

Furthermore , It does not matters wich option I choose among, restart, shutdown or hibernate , It doesn't works. Not click on it or press intro.

If I click log out I repoduce same problem.
Can not log in again.

Anyone could tell me how can I purge the login options, and GUI related?
I mean that I don't mind If I need to choose options from default configuration like Login without password and those.

Or reinstall packages/ delete some configuration files?


turn off 'login without password' in control center its a bug, enabling auto login will get the boot up sound back and stop the greeter from crashing.

you can report bugs here:

blocked login

I upload an image of the blocked no login window.

ant, login without password works for me, my problem, is that now when my screen shutdowns to save electricity also blocks and ask for login, ans the it does not work.

I meant than when I start the computer I login directly too. If I click log out then I have same problem than when screen saving + block session, ( That I did not activated).

I want to resume session, with no login...

You cant, its a bug and needs reporting...

@ant , So everyone using manjaro deepin have this bug now?

Till the bug is fixed, should be a way of stop the option of lock user session if screen turns off. But I don't know how. :weary:

I use arch and have the same problem, so I guess its the same on Manjaro, maybe @keybreak can confirm?

Ok, I will try unstable repos to see If solved.

You mean this one, right?

Very long time bug, you can try to force it on github.

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It sems it is exactly that one!, thanks @keybreak

So I ll switch off the no password login option till deepin fix it...

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Good thinking!

But still i'd encourage you to let them know that i'm not alone having this bug, so maybe they'll fix it)

Done it at github. :smirk_cat:


I just make my computer go worst with this...
Any help will be apreciated:

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