Locked after 3 failed login attemps, from lock screen

I lock my screen whenever I leave my desk, after one of the last updates I enter my password to unlock, and I get a message that I have failed 3 attempts, and have to wait 10 minutes. Sometimes this comes up after 1-2 attempts. I have clicked the little “eye” to make sure I am typing my password correctly, and it still gives me a failure. If I reboot, it logs in no problem.

I have ruled out:
someone trying to login while I’m away from my desk
me typing my password wrong

This only started happening after maybe 3 updates ago

Manjaro gnome vanilla, stable, linux54

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  1. How? (I.E. have you enabled auditing and run an aureport?)

  2. Instead of logging into the screen saver, can you switch to TTY2 and still log in successfully there? (I.E. Before you get a lock-out on the screen saver)

  3. Sorry for the :upside_down_face: questions, but this is weird


Set deny = 0 in /etc/security/faillock.conf