Lock screen image resets on restart


When I set the lock screen image via the system settings, upon restart the lock screen image resets to default. Is there a way to fix this or is this a legitimate bug?

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Are you certain that you are talking of the lock screen and not of the login screen?

People quite commonly mistake the two, given their visual similarity, but the login screen is created by a KDE component named sddm while the lock screen is created by a KDE/Plasma component named kscreenlocker. They do look very similar, but they work very differently.

You can set the look and feel of the login screen in System Settings… :arrow_down:

Workspace β†’ Startup and Shutdown β†’ Login Screen

The lock screen on the other hand is configured via… :arrow_down:

Workspace β†’ Workspace Behavior β†’ Screen Locking β†’ Appearance: Configure

I believe that was it! I had set the lock screen image but not the login screen image, giving me the illusion that it was resetting to default upon restart. Thank you so much!

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