Lock Screen does not work

Manjaro on raspberry pi 4, lock screen menu not working. even alt+ctrl+del does not work.
Any idea when will this be fixed. Suspend menu item is currently disabled.

[desktop@pi4 ~]$ uname -a
Linux pi4 4.19.81-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 1 15:17:47 UTC 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Which DE.

[desktop@pi4 ~]$ cat /etc/lsb-release

Desktop Enviorment

Xfce Desktop Enviroment - version 4.14

Is it not going in lock screen mode at all or it is not taking a password to unlock.

menu click no action at all. Question of unlock screen does not appear.

I have not got that DE image loaded on my pi4 but you should be able to go in the menu and find Screensaver and find the boxes that says something like this:

Activate Screensaver when idle and Lock screen when screensaver is active

Make sure both are checked and set your idle time

power manager settings enabled still no action from lock screen menu.

Finally got around to creating a xfce image today. You need to install xfce4-screensaver. This program has been caught up in dependency hell like mpv. A temporary fix is:

cd usr/lib/
sudo ln -s libxfconf-0.so.3.0.0 libxfconf-0.so.2

Look under Setting --> Screensaver. Things should be set up though.

log out and log back in for it to initalize

Note: My screen saver did not initalize and searching on the internet it says it depends on the monitor having DPMI to control it. The rpi4 can not get the EID info from my monitor and have to manually set it up in config.txt so that could be the issue; just no clue...

Anyway Ctrl-Alt-Delete or Ctrl-Alt-l will lock it here.


Great. Now its working well for me. By the way xfce4-screensaver should have been installed with Xfce DE. Will the linking .so file will have issue with future updates, let me know.

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