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What I found out until now:
It works completely fine when I just suspend from the power menu. The problem is that my laptop suspends but does not lock when I just close the lid. (I guess this delayed locking is because I close the lid and when I open up again my screen gets locked because of inactivity, didn’t try that though because I didn’t wanna wait for that)
I found that there is a script in /etc/acpi which handles all kinds of events, also lid open and close. I added screen lock there. It does work. Also this script doesn’t say anything about suspend. I tried adding a sleep there; still instantly suspends. So the suspend action on lid close is defined somewhere else and I cannot find it. It makes me crazy.


The link I posted addressed that problem. It had a setting you could adjust to shorten that delay time. The delay is intentional, to handle false suspends when there is a docking station involved. If the system can get suspended before that delay, then it resumes unlocked.

If you never have such, try setting that down to 10 seconds.


Yes it describes the solution for systemd not for OpenRC.


No, not sure.
I used ManopenRC before Elogind. I did not update for months because the move to elogind was a mess (and I use my laptop for work).

Suspend was working, and I had to type the password on resume. But I noticed that on hybernate it was not the case from time to time (maybe linked to mkinitcpio etc). I know, If you can’t rely on it, it is weak.

Generally speaking, Manjaro OpenRC is not built for laptops.
I installed the systemd/KDE version, it just work out of the box.
it is a pity.

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