Localization issues with Manjaro KDE 20.2

I installed Manjaro KDE 20.2 from the new ISO on my wife’s computer today. After the installation as usual, all language packs (German) were installed, all settings in the plasma-settings were done, several reboots were done — and still a considerable part of the GUI and the context menu of Dolphin is still in English. Why do I choose a system in german language if it seems to be simply ignored. If I want to have an English GUI, I explicitly choose it myself! Is it arrogance of the developers that no value is attached to something like that anymore? I am now using a distribution again where the localization works without any problems …

So you installed all the language packs presented to you in Manjaro Settings Manager after the install and reboot?

Because my Plasma interface and other software (like Dolphin) are in Danish, just like I wanted. I just installed the language packs.

are the language packs I have installed.

yes sir!

I’ve recently installed the last iso of 20.2 and had have the same issue, in my case with Spanish language.
I’ve deleted the VM but I’m sure 100% that qt5-translations, firefox-i18n thunderbird-i18n and libreoffice-fresh were installed. And for poppler-data, 90% sure… I can install again to try to reproduce it again.

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Hi, I’m using Manjaro KDE in german without any localization problems. As said in a post before, just install all available localization packages.

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Danke, aber das nützt mir ja rein garnichts. Wie ich bereits schrieb, habe ich schon alle verfügbaren Sprachpakete installiert …

Thanks, but that doesn’t help me at all. As I already wrote, I have already installed all available language packs …

Try to reinstall the language packages or even plasma itself. As many are mentioning, translations work fine. Probably some update went wrong in your system.

Is your language preference set correctly? What is the content of your LANG environment variable?


Hm, strange. I’m sorry I ran out of ideas for now…

No issue, thanks for trying :wink: Manjaro has unfortunately become more of a 2nd choice for me at the moment anyway.

After checking myself, there is a bug in the last ISO (20.2) that provokes this. If you update an old installation everything works fine but new installations with that ISO will be only partially translated. I haven’t found a solution yet and haven’t been able to get developers attention to this :disappointed_relieved:

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I can well imagine that something like this is also rather a pain in the a… past goes to the developers.

Merry Cristmas & happy Tannenbaum!

So should I try the 20.1 ISO and then do a full update? Obviously the developers don’t seem to care about the problem.

I still haven’t found a solution, so yes I think that is right now the best way to have a properly localized installation. I suppose that the problem will be solved in the next ISO, but devs are probably on vacation and right now there is not even a prerelease.

At least in Dolphin it should be possible to select the language via

≡ ⟶ Hilfe ⟶ Sprache einrichten …

I know this and it solves the ptoblem not.

WTF! I realized today that there was an ISO rebuild for the KDE Nibia ISO some weeks ago (20201207). I have made all tests with the original unpatched ISO (20201203).

I haven’t seen any news on this release anywhere. It seems that philm mention it at some point on the original Manjaro 20.2 Nibia release thread, but I haven’t found anywhere else.

And of course the patched release solves the translation problem. So there it is…

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