Locale and clock problem

So, Recently my panel clock in xfce shows “9 Cig 21: 09” and until yesterday it was as nice as 9 mar 21:09.

So it was a problem which i searched about and found that locale is misconfigured .
So i went to manjaro setting manager and played around locale but nothing is working as locale command shows Lang=aa_DJ UTF8 something like that.

I had set locale to en_IN but nothing is working .
Please help.

Share output of these:

cat /etc/locale.gen | grep -v "#"

The output of these:

It looks like you don’t have (generated) the locale that you try to use.

You (want to) use aa_DJ.utf8 for everything
but you only have created the en_IN UTF-8 locale.

The solution probably is to uncomment
in /etc/locale.gen
and run locale-gen again.

Don’t use screenshots for sharing terminal output.

en_IN UTF-8 is already commented out in /etc/locale.gen. Try regenerating it and set the system locale with these commands:

sudo locale-gen
sudo localectl set-locale LANG=en_IN.UTF-8

I don’t know which locale is that aa_DJ.

I have done what you said to do, but what if i want everything to be en_IN

If you want to use en_IN
then try doing what @ishaanbhimwal said