Local Time Zone needs to be revised

I used “set date and time automatically” for a long time and it was good.
until a few weeks ago I discovered that the time was wrong.

My time zone is Cairo. I did check some other time zones and it was ok.
I guess it’s just my zone, but I didn’t check the whole list, so I think it needs to be revised.

That’s all,

Hi @MoSTaFa_HeSHaM,

I believe you’ll find this useful:

Hope it helps!

Egypt stopped using Eastern European Summer Time (UTC + 3 hours) in 2014 and now uses Eastern European Time (UTC +2 hours) all year — Time Zone & Clock Changes in Cairo, Egypt
Libya also uses EET all year, but other neighbouring countries (Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus) are still using EEST and will change to EET at the end of October

Time zone settings can be checked or adjusted in Manjaro Settings Manager > Time & Date
(manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_locale)

If settings appear to be correct, check if the timesyncd.service is enabled and is able to contact an NTP server to synchronise system clock

systemctl -l --no-pager status systemd-timesyncd.service
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