Local pacman repo seems out of date

Hi All,

What could cause a situation where my pacman search gives a different latest version of a package than the online repo?

For example when I search the arch repository online I get signal-desktop 1.37.2-1

But locally I am getting:

sudo pacman -Ss signal-desktop
community/signal-desktop 1.36.2-1
    Signal Private Messenger for Linux

I should add I have run sudo pacman -Syyu


You and I are using the Manjaro repos, manjaro stable I guess, and not Arch

                 stable     testing    unstable
signal-desktop	1.36.2-1	1.37.1-1	1.37.2-1	community

Thanks for the fast reply, gonna try downloading the package manually and installing it directly, skipping the repo, :slight_smile:

That’s really not a great idea. What’s new in signal 1.37 that simply can’t wait a week?

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Don’t do that! That is not how a rolling release like Manjaro works. Another version might need other libraries and you’ll mess up your system.

Nothing new or interesting, just getting an error message when trying to link it with my phone telling me to update.

fair enough, thanks for the advice all

I use signal every single day and never experienced that. If you really want the new version you can build the git repo from the AUR.

If you really want the latest version for whatever reason you can install the flatpak. A flatpak is a containerized app.


OK that is strange, I installed the latest package before I saw your awesome advice connected my phone, then removed it after seeing your advice.

I wanted to re-create what I was seeing with the update error message. So I reinstalled the normal version with pacman and now it is working, :man_shrugging:.

Here is too hoping my system doesn’t break, although it has broken so many times now I have just written a bunch of scripts that I can run and get everything back to squeaky clean. Beats Mac and Windows hands down everytime.

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Just keep the version that’s in the repository, that’s what I would do.

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That’s the spirit! :smile:


You could just use timeshift and create a restore point before you change anything on your system and if it breaks, you restore to where you were before the update.

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